Wahlquist Brand
Three Decades and Counting

The Wahlquist Brand, now in our Third Decade, has provided profitable Promotional Events across the country for small independent stores with as little as 5,000 square feet to the Top 100 multi-chain stores with over 300,000 square feet and protecting the dealer’s brand along the way. We have produced Hundreds of Millions in Sales with participation in over Fifteen Hundred Event Projects nationally using a superior assigned management and sales staff. WP is the nations ELITE high-profile Promotional Firm; working exclusively within the home furnishings industry. WP is known for their Guarantees in Writing, along with their Nationally Recognized Selling System. WP is a performance-based company and charge no upfront fees. Should WP not produce said performance, WP will not get paid. WP offers clients a wide selection of event categories to include:

Custom Designed Positive Impact, Remerchandising, Store Closing, Retirement, Expansion, Going out of Business, Remodeling, Rebranding, Complete Buy Outs, Grand Opening. Clients have experienced an increased monthly sales volume of 2.5 – 4.0 times or greater during a High-Impact Event and 90% – 200% greater of their annual volume during a Liquidation event format.

Free Onsite Consultations

WP provides the best possible recommendation regarding a promotional event. WP would like to visit your store and learn firsthand of your short and long-term goals. This onsite consultation is free with no obligation required. All information provided will be  kept completely secure and confidential.

“We will only recommend an event when it is
financially advantageous to you”

Bailey's Furniture - $14,000,000 in 13 Weeks