Types of Promotions

The Fee Based “Positive Impact” Event

Our customized “Positive Impact” sales generating events designed for the “on-going” business allows our clients the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Many of our clients are repeat customers and we continue to be invited back year after year. Our advertising allows us to convey a sense of urgency to the public without making it sound like you are going out of business or in distress.

The Fee Based “Total Liquidation” Event for Specific Locations

The “Total Liquidation” commissioned event is designed to assist our clients in liquidating 100% of their inventory from specific locations leaving them “Broom Swept Clean”. It is important to note that these projects are structured not to interfere with other locations in the same market owned by the client.


The Fee Based “Going out of Business” Event

When the decision to completely exit from the business is being contemplated, WP will develop an exit strategy specific to the business. In this situation, WP will assist our clients in liquidating 100% of their inventory and leaving the showroom and warehouses “Broom Swept Clean”.

*All fee-based events are designed for the client to retain control of their operation and keep 100% of the profits. WP will plan and execute all phases of the event at the highest gross margin attainable while operating in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly, WP, Protects Your Brand and reputation in the community. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the event’s gross sales.

Acquisition/Equity “Buy-Out” Event (Profit Sharing)

As a NonFee Based event format; this profit-sharing event allows the client to receive top dollar for the purchase of their inventory. WP will plan a Cost-Effective Event, Assume Future Expenses of the Event, Share Event Profits, Protect Your Brand, and Leave You “BROOM SWEPT CLEAN.